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p strong About us: /strong /p p br / strong 1.        Who We Are: OmlotXCourier and Transport Solutions (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd. is a full service Global Logistics organization that offers reliable and customized solutions for Domestic and Inteational shippers. We are determined to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated needs of Inteational Trade by offering customized solutions seamlessly through our worldwide agency network, staffed by dedicated team of experts.  /strong /p p strong We at OmlotXCourier and Transport Solutions (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd. take pride in ourselves of being a dependable single-window logistics service provider. Our professional approach and attention to detail makes us an ideal choice for our growing list of Customers across globe. /strong /p p strong 2.        What we do: We appreciate the fact that every Customer of ours are unique, therefore we oblige to go the extra mile to understand our customer' s individual business needs. This helps us to offer flexible solutions to meet our customer requirements regardless of the complexity of their business nature. /strong br / strong strong Our spectrum of services includes Inteational air shipping, Ocean shipping, Domestic shipping, Trucking, Warehousing, Relocation services, Express/small parcels. However we have not limited ourselves from offering other allied services in order to keep your supply chain intact. /strong br / strong How do we do: Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with local vendors and global air and ocean carriers, this enables us to offer best pricing and flexible routing options /strong /strong /p p strong We handle over 20000 shipments per annum, credit to our highly skilled team. Our strong domains expertize and Customer Servicing Skills reduces inefficiencies in our work and constantly help us to render flawless service to our Customers. Service excellence is not just something we speak about it is deeply embedded in our corporate value and our commitment to Customer. /strong /p p br / strong Partner with us: /strong /p p br / strong The Inteational Logistics is expected to be larger than 100 billion in the next five years. With a maturing Nepaln inteational trade coupled with increasing demand for Nepaln goods, we expect Inteational logistics business to fundamentally alter the manner in which they transact. /strong /p p strong To cater to this increase in demand, we are looking for partners to help meaningfully extend OmlotXCourier and Transport Solutions (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd' s.   network and capabilities in Ecommerce, Domestic & Inteational Shipping, warehousing, and technology. /strong /p p strong We currently servicing clients in 19000+ pin codes in Nepal and 220+ countries inteational. With OmlotXCourier And Transport Solutions (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd.   being fast growing courier company, we will be glad to partner with last mile delivery companies, fleet owners, sellers, warehouse owners and technology companies who share our vision of fulfilling Nepal' s growing inteational logistics demand. /strong /p p strong Become a OmlotXCourier And Transport Solutions (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd' s.    partner today and take the opportunity to participate in this exciting space.  /strong /p p   /p

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