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p strong A. HISTORY & OPERATIONS /strong /p p strong OmlotX was established in Butwal, Nepal as a business dedicated to provide reliable and outstanding delivery services regionally and domestically. /strong /p p br / strong OmlotX specializes in market development, delivery and logistic services that deliver various types of goods to provide One-stop service centre to facilitate different customers&rsquo needs and expectations. /strong /p p strong OmlotX strives to provide comprehensive and personalized logistical solutions to satisfy customers&rsquo needs and requirements, to achieve sustainable profitable growth and to create value out of our services, operations, people and brands. /strong /p p br / strong OmlotX stands for the most reliable, innovative and cost-effective delivery solutions, and also committed to enthusing consumers everywhere. High flexibility and personalization in delivery processes and business operation give us a crucial competitive advantage and ensure our customers LIFETIME EXCELLENCE. /strong /p p br / strong B. Philosophy /strong /p p strong OUR PHILOSOPHY /strong br / strong strong # We have great passion in what we do /strong br / strong # We care enormously /strong br / strong # about our clients, /strong br / strong # our employees, /strong br / strong # and our company' s reputation. /strong /strong /p p br / strong C. Vision & Mission /strong /p p strong OUR VISION /strong br / strong strong # To become a leading regional and global Express Logistic company, by offering customers with convenient, fast, secure and reliable door-to-door express logistic service with strongest integrated service capacity. /strong /strong /p p strong OUR MISSION /strong br / strong strong # To Provide /strong br / strong # Reliable and Trustworthy Delivery /strong br / strong # Coupled with excellent service /strong br / strong # To enrich the lives of public & meet customers' needs /strong /strong /p p strong OUR CORE VALUE /strong br / strong strong # Integrity /strong br / strong # Reliability /strong br / strong # Innovation /strong br / strong # Customer Care /strong br / strong # Professionalism /strong /strong /p p strong D. Quality Policy /strong /p p strong Quality is an integral part of Cathay Express Logistic Enterprise&rsquo s Corporate Business Principles. These principles lead us to provide excellent services to our customers that are compliant and preferred. /strong /p p strong Besides, they are significant to our company in order to meet our company&rsquo s Vision and Mission that is to enrich the lives of public and contribute to a better future. /strong /p p   /p

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